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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Week 5

1. "Because the Lord will never leave us without the bar of His spiritual protection and the safety net of His grace, we can travel through life with the assurance that He will always send exactly what we need just when we need it." What does this quote mean to you in the light of the desires that God has for you?

2. How do you sense when "change is coming" from God? How do you begin preparing yourself?

3. "If I chose not to cooperate within a new set of parameters, I would continue in frustration as I missed the joy in this season of life and potentially delay the new things God had for me." How do we surrender to a new season of life so that we can enjoy the JOYS of it?

4. Why is complacency Satan's valuable tool? (p.111)

5. The journey is always to draw us closer to God, how do we focus on that and not just on "The Promised Land"?

6. What did Moses and Aaron's disobededience teach you about what God expects from His children?

7. How are you allowing God to heal your heart of those things that you mourn over? "Grief comes in seasons. Don't allow it to define your life."

8. What impacted you the most this week from the lesson?


  1. 1. That God has already provided everything that is needed for the journey. I just have to set my mind and eyes toward the things that HE is setting before me. He WILL provide!!!

    2. I always feel a "wrestlessness" in my spirit. I have that feeling that God is bringing something new into the picture.

    3. Surrender is hard sometimes. I know I can become comfortable in the situation that I am in. However, God always requires more. It is never easy for me to go into the unknown because that's when my security is unsure. That security is based on man's perspective, however, and I'm ALWAYS secure in God and I have to remind myself of that!!!

    4. Complacency gets us focused on nothing...we are happy with where we are at. We have "enough" in our own eyes. It doesn't spur us on to something more....we're just there.

    5. During any season that I am walking through, I always try to ask the question "What is God trying to teach me? or What is HE showing me about himself?" This always helps me to keep focused on him and the characteristics about himself that he is trying to teach me.

    6. WOW....God expects complete obedience. I know I tell my kids at school that I want immediate obedience- not just partial....God gives us so much grace, but oh the joy we would get if we just follow EXACTLY what he desires of us- no matter how silly or strange it would make us feel.

    7. There will always be seasons of grief in our lives. Grieving over the things that you so desire, or grieving over the things that you have lost. There is nothing wrong with that! God has given you emotions, but we always have to remember that HE is enough to sustain us, and HE WILL provide joy in the coming season.

    8. We have to keep moving in order to see what God has for us. If we just sit in the moment, we will miss out on so much!

  2. Michelle Confer:
    1. I just need to take him at his word and trust. That is the hard part! We know he provides and is so good, it’s just hard to believe without seeing.
    2. I think I start to sense a pulling away in a relationship or a stirring in my heart that comes from the Holy Spirit, telling me to listen up and see what is in store.
    3. This is hard. I hate change, love my routine and consistency. So, for me it is a struggle but I have to focus on being fully present with what God is doing in my life. I have to realize too that He might be bringing even more blessing than I thought I had before.
    4. It pulls us away from God and numbs us to Satan’s advances.
    5. Again, the idea is to be present in the moment with the Lord, allowing Him to speak to us when and how he wants to. If we are focused on our promised land destination, we miss what the point is to getting there
    6. …
    7. I think for me it is realizing when change happens; God has another promised land waiting on down the pike that might even be better than the current situation.
    8. I appreciated her honesty about her struggle going from early marriage to raising children, motherhood. I am almost to that transition too, eager to see how my life changes but sure it will be a little difficult. It was a good reminder to move forward, not stay stuck wishing for what you had.

  3. 1. This quote reminds me that I am never alone in my journey- God knows that I can't do it on my on.
    2. Last time I felt a change coming, I had a very restless spirit- I couldn't seem to settle in to things like I had before. Just that feeling that things are not quite the same...lots of prayers follow.
    3. Often, I think we have to give something up, which can be hard. I usually need lots of prayer to help me surrender, and talking with spiritually mature friends helps me a lot.
    4. Satan knows if we stay complacent, we stay where we are. We will never move into our "promised land" if we just stay satisfied with the status quo.
    5. I suppose if our promised land is from God, we will see the place we are going as intertwined with a closer relationship to Him. If we know we could never get there on our own, we will remain humble and hungry for that relationship.
    6. God expects complete obedience- not partial, which I think many of us are good at. We are too resistant, afraid, etc. to take that full leap, so we only go halfway. It also tells me that God is a god of judgment.
    7. Right now, I am just depending on God to give me the strength to get up every morning.
    8. Of course, I was very interested in what she said about grief. I also loved the day when she talked about how we often see living victoriously as being for other Christians. I remember times in my life when I felt that way.

  4. 1.He is all I need and he knows if I need anything else…I just have to trust that his timing is all that matters.

    2. I usually feel something within my soul…it’s a stirring of some sort, kinda feel anxious sometimes about change and I usually just feel like he starts to prepare me with just stirring….

    3. I think we just have to give it up no matter how hard that is….and if it means we don’t get our way. He knows best!!!! I know when I have fully surrendered to doing what I feel is HIS will its an amazing JOY! I don’t want to miss any more than I already to daily because I let my desires get in the way.

    4. He uses our laziness against us…while we are not walking boldly in Christ and being renewed daily Satan gets us. We are weak or discouraged and he sees the perfect chance to keep us in that state of mind. We can’t allow that to happen or he will bring the fear and doubt to break us down.

    5. I think its hard to focus on journey in the midst of it…we are so caught up in what is happening right now and looking ahead to when things are better and no more problems. I have tried to learn from each “journey” since my divorce because I know that journey was hard but when I finally reach the mountaintop I could look back and see how God carried me thru.

    6. God expects us to act when he tells us to.

    7. I try to look for his promises a little more closely in his word. Grieving is important but JOY does come in the morning!!

    8. I think that its ok to grieve and that its part of our life but that we have to get moving into the next season as soon as we can so we don’t’ miss a blessing that God has there waiting.