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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Week 3

Here is Week 3! Thanks for your continued diligence in the study. We’re half way through now…so don’t give up! We’re at the “between” stage….keep pressing on!

1. Why does living according to God’s plans seem uncomfortable for us? (p.58)

2. How do we act when God doesn’t show up as the “hero” in the way that we expect?

3.How does God take your biggest struggle and heartache and turn it into the “sweet” spot on which your spiritual outlook hinges? (p.65)

4.How do you know when an inner hunger is meant for only God to fill and not for something/someone to fulfill? (p.68)

5.Unwilling to recall God’s past goodness or anticipate his future provisions, the Israelites became blinded to what God was doing in the now. What is God doing in the “now” of your life that you can give him praise for?

6. When is a time that your appreciation of God’s ability deepened?

7.Personal response: What situation do you need to pray this to God- “Lord, this is what I desire. Please do it or something better!”


  1. 1 - For me, I do not put enough importance on God's glory being revealed and the way He reveals it. I want "my" miracle and "my" way. I tend to think that I get to define how and when he should bring Himself glory. My world vision is so small.
    2 - I try so hard to define, based on my 37 years of Christian knowledge, what makes sense about what has happened...which doesn't make any sense at all. I try to wrap God in a nice package and defend Him against whatever has happened. When what I need to be doing is what I referred to in Week 2 - just keep seeking to know Him more so that He can provide Holy knowledge and understanding.
    3 - He provides a window of opportunity that I can listen more intently, because He has my full attention. He provides a miracle in my soul where I gain a more spiritual view of my world within his instead of trying to stuff Him into my perspective of life.
    4 - Beth Moore defines this as "the place of further still". It is that place where Jesus went into the Garden of Gethsemene the night before He went to the cross. Noone understood and noone could provide the strength and comfort he needed to persevere except God. This happens to us too. We have God-shaped places in our lives that only He alone can feel.
    5 - So much...I have a job in an economy that does not provide for everyone. My family is growing and thriving. I have family and friends to turn to when I get bogged down with life in general.
    6 - When my dad died suddenly, He provided comfort and peace deep in my soul in the midst of chaos. Recently, when we had struggles, God met us there and gave us our heart's desire even though we know we could have never known that is what we really wanted.
    7 - Lord, I desire to have more energy and focus in my role as wife, mom and therapist!!! Please do this or something better!!!
    - Allison

    February 6, 2010 11:26 AM

  2. 1. I think for me the biggest thing is I don't see God's overall plans. He sees a whole picture. I see one little glimpse, one puzzle piece. And sometimes when you are standing that close to what you know, what God's plans are make NO sense to us. We don't see what He sees. It just seems uncomfortable to us.

    2. I tend to act just like the people of Israel. I complain, grumble, it feels like the end of the world. I am working on that but it does tend to be my first reaction!

    3.He proves Himself over and over. When situations seem impossible to me, He shows Himself to be faithful and just.

    4. Unfortunately, I can be a slow learner. It is usually when I have tried filling that hunger with other things whether it be with chocolate or the love of my children, and I still don't feel fulfilled, then I realize that it is a hunger only God can fill. Eventually I will learn that and recall it right away but it takes me a while. :)

    5.I have a wonderful husband and four precious children. At this point, I think I am pretty healthy. I have a job that I love. And I have a God who loves me in spite of who I am.

    6. I know I have said it before, but during our adoption process, particularly the first one, He showed me and revealed to me so much of who He is. I probably learned more about His character that one year than I had the five years prior to that!

    7.Personal response: I am going to have to think on that one. I don't have one pressing "need" right now, just several "wants" like wanting to see my children mature and grow in their relationship with the Lord. More financial stability, as well as being able to help others more. And I feel like I have been in this "in between" stage with Him for far too long. I am waiting and hoping that soon I will have another mountaintop experience with Him. Though I admit, that scares me sometimes too!

    Have a good week.

  3. 1. Many times we are uncomfortable because God is taking us on a journey that goes differently than what we had planned. This makes us get out of our comfort zone and into a place where God wants to teach us some great lessons.

    2. Sometimes as a human it's very hurtful when you know that God has the power to intervene and he does not. However, in those moments we have to remember that God is in total control and his plans are ALWAYS better.

    3. It is in those moments that God shows himself more loving and compassionate. He ends up drawing us closer to himself and ministering to our hearts as only HE can do.

    4. It's when you try and try to fill that hole and nothing seems to satisfy. You start to realize that it's a place only that God alone can step in and supply.

    5. God is showing himself faithful in our finances. God called us to do some major faith giving....MAJOR...and it made no sense to me. However, God is continuing to meet our needs and supplying those extras that we never thought were possible....

    6. There have been times that God has called me to forgive in areas that I didn't think were possible. It has shown me just how much God continues to forgive us and how he doesn't expect anything in return. Makes me want to strive to be more like Christ.

    7. This is what I desire Lord...but I know your timing is perfect!!! Praying for YOUR best God!

  4. WEEK 3-
    Michelle Confer
    1. Living according to God’s plan can be uncomfortable because we have no say, we are powerless. We have to trust He has our best interest in mind.
    2. When God doesn’t show up how I want, I can be angry, selfish, and want to change His mind.
    3. He can use those experiences for good in another friend’s life to minister to them on their journey, to remind us of His faithfulness and to remind us He is good.
    4. I think we know it’s God when it just doesn’t shake, He keeps bringing people or circumstances in our life to convict us and bring us to Him. We can’t ever find our security and hope in people, only Christ.
    5. God is preparing me to be a mother. It is a journey I’ve never been on, lots of anxiety with that but probably even more excitement!
    6. I have appreciated God’s provisions for our marriage. Chris and I have been through times when God tested our strength and proved faithful to provide our needs.
    7. I know this is kind of cheesy and embarrassing to say, but I’d love to have a healthy baby girl. But I know God’s will is best for me, whatever we may have. Even that, is a miracle in and of itself!

  5. First of all, this chapter was very difficult for me...so I may not be my usual "wordy" self- ha.
    1. It's uncomfortable because it involves following God even when we don't understand where we're going. It also involves giving up our own desires at times.
    2. Many times in my life, I have fixated on why things didn't happen the way I thought they should. I have been thankful that, after losing my daughter, so far (through God's grace) I have managed to hold on to God's goodness and promises.
    3. I'm still trying to figure this one out, but I do know that my life and walk with God will never be the same. I already view so many things differently, and I know I will continue to change over time.
    4. You know this when, no matter what you do or try, you still feel unfulfilled. You also konw this when you face a circumstance that no human can help you with.
    5. I literally only get up in the morning with God's help. I make it one day at a time with his love, goodness, and mercy.
    6. During our hospital stay, I was amazed several times by God's ability to bring Hannah through seemingly insurmountable obstacles. Now, after he chose not to intervene to save her life, I am amazed that his grace is sufficient to help me live each day.
    7. I desire that God would continue to use my circumstances to mold me and use me for him... and that I will have the courage to step out in faith when the time comes.

  6. 1. I think living according to God’s plan is uncomfortable because we don’t always know what he is doing, where he is leading and how he will show himself to us. We think our way is best.

    2.I sometimes grumble like the children of Israel…I am very impatient and want HIM there when I want him there!

    3. He allows us to experience those struggles to show himself to us…and as we look back on the struggle or heartache we can see God’s hand.

    4.I can feel it in my soul…I’m restless and have a sense of searching!

    5. God is working in my life with my job…as I wait for the right door to open he is allowing times of learning. I get to interview and refine some skills that I haven’t had to use in awhile. I am experiencing a peace about the entire process right now and I love it.

    6. I’ve seen God’s provision throughout my life and each time that I see a need financially arise he always always shows UP!! This always is such a sweet moment to experience. Jehovah Jirah…our provider.

    7.Lord I desire to love and be loved one day in a relationship here on earth…I pray that you do something better than I could ever do!!

  7. Michelle Lee

    1. It can seem uncomfortable because I often set expectations that God will work in a specific way and when He doesn't do what I think He ought then I am tempted to jump on the "hopeless bandwagon".

    2. I catch myself asking God "WHY?" when He doesn't save the day or answer the prayers that I have been praying for years. There are moments when I forget that His ways are higher than mine and begin to doubt that God is able.

    3. He reminds me of the power of His word through the encouragement of loved ones.

    4. I can usually tell when I am running on spiritual fumes and I try not to let it get to that point, but lately that's where I have been parked. I know from past experiences and the prompting of the Holy Spirit that God alone can meet the inner needs of my heart.

    5. I can praise God for my recent marriage to a wonderful man that I prayed for for years. God is being patient and gracious with me as I figure out how to balance this new role as a wife and for that I give Him much praise!

    6. When I was raising support to be a missionary in India I saw God provide for me in some incredible ways. In all my 4 1/2 years as a missionary I never lacked anything and I was able to bless other with the resources He had given to me. It was ALL His doing and I am continually in awe of His ways.

    7. My husband and I would love to adopt children some day in the future. The process seems daunting though as it takes time and many resources, but this is something we both desire. I believe that if God wants us to adopt He will make a way for us. So that's what I am praying this week. Please do it God or something better! Your will be done.

    **On a side note...Ladies it was great reading your thoughts. You all have such great insight. Thank you for sharing! Also, in case you are wondering who this other Michelle is who joined late, you can check out my info on the 1st blog where you all wrote your bios. Have a great week!