Welcome to One in a Million Bible study!

Welcome to a journey with God. I pray that God challenges you in your spiritual walk. May you respond to the things that HE desires of you!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Week 2

Hi Ladies! Here are the week two questions. Please remember to put your name on your post so we know who is posting. Your posts were incredible last week, and allowed me to get to know each of you on a different level. Thank you for your openness and honesty. Here we go.....

1. "The journey will NOT be easy. It WILL test your faith, stretch your belief system, and challenge your level of commitment- but onward we must go. Is it worth the difficult journey? Why?

2. God often taks us through the wilderness journey so that we can "experience HIM". What does it mean to "experience" God?

3. How do we continue on the journey when we see the "Etham" that lay before us?

4. How have we become accustomed to wanting "comfort" as our goal in life? Does God promise that for us?

5. What do we do when God doesn't answer our questions of "Why?". How do we continue on the journey?

6. Do you have a $500.00 story? If so, please share it with us.

7. Pg. 43 "By asking the people to remember their trek with the Lord, Moses encouraged the Israelites to "value their wilderness experience". How do we place "value" on a hard journey?

8. "Obeying is easy when it makes sense and when milk and honey are flowing all around us, but the true test of our commitment is best seen when there is no refreshment in sight, just dry wasteland." How do we obey even when we can't see the fulfillment or provisions of God? How do we have the right attitude?

9. Are you experiencing any "Elims" in your life right now? (p.53) How does God provide refreshment in the midst of the hard journey?

10. What's your favorite quote or "AaHa" moment from this week?

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Week 1

Week 1:

Hi Ladies! Here are the questions for week one. I hope that you will post your ideas/ perspectives by Sunday. Please also feel free to pose any other questions that you might have, or offer some new insights on the topics.

1. Why do the people of God not experience an “abundant” relationship with him? (Abundant meaning- full, exciting, yielding plenty, more than enough) Many are choosing “entrapment” rather than abundance, why?

2. How do you think Egypt became a place of bondage for the Israelites, when in originality it was a place of safety for them? How does that relate to our own personal lives?

3.What kinds of things do we forfeit when we continue to live in bondage to the things of the world?

4.“Being declared free gives us eternal freedom but walking in it gives us daily freedom.” (P.15) What does that mean to our daily life? What does it look like in a “real” sense?

5.(Personal question…just think about it, you don’t have to post it.) Hebrews 12:1 “Let us also lay aside every encumbrance and the sin which so easily entangles us.” What sin has you entangled? What sin does Satan continue to bombard you with to keep you distracted from the things of God?

6.I loved the illustration that was used about the Emancipation of the slaves. Priscilla talked about how the house slave’s life was simple and fairly convenient. It came with certain perks. What perks of life make it hard to break away from the things that cause us bondage?

7.Re-read Numbers 11:4-7. I loved this verse because I never understood why the Israelites would want to return to the onions and leaks of Egypt. After studying it further, I realized that they just missed the aromas and the smells of something that had flavor. Isn’t that how Satan tries to lure us back with the idea that we are “missing” something in this life? We remember the things that seemed “fun” or more exciting at the time, but we forget the labor and the beatings that went along with getting those onions and leaks. How does Satan “remind” you of the onions and leaks in your own life?

8.“Manna” - This was God’s provision for them in the wilderness. How many times do we completely miss the miraculous because we aren’t satisfied with the things that God is giving us at the moment. We’re looking for meat while God is miraculously providing manna on a daily basis. What are some examples of the manna that God does/ has provided for you?

9.One of my favorite quotes from the week: “God gave manna not only to sustain them in their journey but also to wean the Hebrews off their accustomed tastes.” He began the process of taking the desire/ taste of Egypt out of the mouths of the Israelite children so that they could “taste and see that Lord is good! (Psalms 34:8) How many hurts, bruises do we have to endure for God to get us over the “tastes” of the world? Share your favorite quote from the week for this question. What did God teach you through that section of the homework?

10. God has invited us to expect and anticipate more out of our walk with him. What does that mean for your own spiritual walk?

11. Are you being “wild women” of God? (p.29) Are you praying and believing God for an answer? Are you asking and then expecting? If not, give it a try this week. Pray and seek God for an answer. He might not answer right away, but you can be assured that he is listening to the questions. Believe God for some great things this week!!!!

Thanks Ladies! Praying for you all. I can’t wait to read all your answers!!!

Sunday, January 17, 2010


Hi Ladies! Welcome to the One in a Million bible study. I'm praying for each of you as you begin this journey.

As a beginning, let me explain how this will work. You will complete your workbook "homework" for the week. Then on Thursday I will post questions for you to answer from your homework. You will click on the comment link under the post and type in your answers/observations. This way everyone can read and make comments back and forth to one another. I ask that you post your answers to the Thursday post by Sunday of the same week. This way we will have everyone's post completed before starting the next week's work. If you ever have suggestions to make this better, please let me know. We'll see how this works with everyone.

Ok, so here's your first assignment.... Since everyone doesn't know each other, I thought it would be great to post a little about yourself on here to let people get to know a little about you. This way we can have a little connection since we are not meeting face to face. Feel free to tell anything that you would like to share. I'd love to hear some of your testimony of what God has done and is doing in your life as well. Enjoy meeting your fellow bible study partners!!!

Praying for you all!!!