Welcome to One in a Million Bible study!

Welcome to a journey with God. I pray that God challenges you in your spiritual walk. May you respond to the things that HE desires of you!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Week 5

1. "Because the Lord will never leave us without the bar of His spiritual protection and the safety net of His grace, we can travel through life with the assurance that He will always send exactly what we need just when we need it." What does this quote mean to you in the light of the desires that God has for you?

2. How do you sense when "change is coming" from God? How do you begin preparing yourself?

3. "If I chose not to cooperate within a new set of parameters, I would continue in frustration as I missed the joy in this season of life and potentially delay the new things God had for me." How do we surrender to a new season of life so that we can enjoy the JOYS of it?

4. Why is complacency Satan's valuable tool? (p.111)

5. The journey is always to draw us closer to God, how do we focus on that and not just on "The Promised Land"?

6. What did Moses and Aaron's disobededience teach you about what God expects from His children?

7. How are you allowing God to heal your heart of those things that you mourn over? "Grief comes in seasons. Don't allow it to define your life."

8. What impacted you the most this week from the lesson?

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Week Four

1. God will do whatever it takes to get us to desire Him above all else- even if it means delaying Canaan. How do you keep your focus on God when you desire Canaan?

2. What is your “mountain of God” in your life? Where have you seen an outward manifestation of God, been called to a commitment with him, and developed a covenant friendship with him? (p. 82)

3.Hosea 5:15 “I’ll go back to where I came from until they come to their senses. When they finally hit rock bottom, maybe they’ll come looking for me.” (MSG) Have you ever had one of those moments. What lessons did you learn from it?

4.Is God calling you to pitch your tent and settle in at the bottom of the mountain? What is your attitude about what God is going to do during this season of your life? How do you handle this?

5.Believing God means believing when you don’t see any evidence. How do you continue to walk that path of belief when you continue to see no evidence of God’s work?

6.How do we as Christians find a balance between viewing God as The Almighty and as an intimate friend?

7.What quote or passage was the most meaningful to you in this week’s homework?

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Week 3

Here is Week 3! Thanks for your continued diligence in the study. We’re half way through now…so don’t give up! We’re at the “between” stage….keep pressing on!

1. Why does living according to God’s plans seem uncomfortable for us? (p.58)

2. How do we act when God doesn’t show up as the “hero” in the way that we expect?

3.How does God take your biggest struggle and heartache and turn it into the “sweet” spot on which your spiritual outlook hinges? (p.65)

4.How do you know when an inner hunger is meant for only God to fill and not for something/someone to fulfill? (p.68)

5.Unwilling to recall God’s past goodness or anticipate his future provisions, the Israelites became blinded to what God was doing in the now. What is God doing in the “now” of your life that you can give him praise for?

6. When is a time that your appreciation of God’s ability deepened?

7.Personal response: What situation do you need to pray this to God- “Lord, this is what I desire. Please do it or something better!”