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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Week 6

Hi Ladies,

Well you made it to the end of this bible study. I pray that God continued to grow your faith in making it to your own Promised Land. I think this last week was one of the most challenging. I pray that you each did the work. If you weren't able to finish, I really encourage you to go back and do the study. I think it will really challenge you to go farther with God!

1. Why do you think just a few Christians fully experience HIM fully?

2. How do we have the courage that it takes to do the "hard" things for/with God?

3. How do your excuses reveal your true feelings and faith in God?

4. Why do we allow envy to distract us from the "posts" that God has assigned us to do? Why is envy a tool for Satan? (p.133)

5. What happens when we personally or others do not take the "posts" that God has assigned to us? What suffers?

6. How do we address those people around us who think the plans that we are following are just "crazy" or something that God wouldn't ask of us?

7.Have you experienced these steps of failures? 1. Facts- always look unbeatable and discouraging? 2. Fear- implanted by the Enemy 3. Fantasy of foreboding- creating a "what if" scenario 4. Failure- refusal to carry out God's plan.

8. How do we balance waiting on God and moving forward in faith?

9. What lessons has God taught you from this study? How are you putting it into practice now?

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  1. WEEK 6- Michelle Confer
    1. I think many of us don’t fully experience Him because of our lack of faith and trust. It takes effort on our part to really be sold out and depend on Him.
    2. I think we can find the courage by reading the word and being reminded of His miraculous acts, as well as talking with fellow believers about their faith journeys.
    3. My excuses can reveal a real lack of trust and anxiety because I tend to put it on my shoulders and think that I somehow have control over the situation.
    4. It is very human for our sinful nature to be envious of others. Satan has a way of pulling envy out to in our heart to make us desire what we can’t have or think the grass is greener while neglecting the blessings right in front of us.
    5. When we don’t take the posts assigned to us, we forfeit the blessing He has for us and the teaching and refining to grow us. We suffer, losing out on spiritual growth and maturity.
    6. I think we have to show others we are for real, not phony fair-weather Christians that do crazy things, but are full of integrity, grace, love, and conduct ourselves worthy of respect and trust. We are our own billboard, so to speak, of Christ. If we meet resistance from others, we can take their comments in, but continue focusing on the Lord and what He is leading us to do, regardless of their opinions. Like she said, we have to constantly temper it out with what the word tells us, the truth of the matter.
    7. Yes. I liked what she said on p.140 about how the spies’ report was valid. Their fear was legitimate, like fears I have sometimes, but that doesn’t make it okay to let the fear override the confidence in God’s word. It was good to read!
    8. It is a delicate balance to trust and move forward in faith. When we aren’t hearing a ‘move forward’ we have to stay alert and listening to be ready when He calls us to move. We have to keep sharpened so we don’t miss His call.
    9. I have really loved the concept of ‘camping out’ where God has us. For me this was great to realize wherever I am in my life spiritually at any age or stage, He has me right where He wants me and I can camp there. Whether it’s the base of a mountain, climbing up, or gazing over the mountain top to the other side, I can be contented.